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  • Snorkel and swim

    There is some excellent snorkelling to be done in Dubrovnik. If you are a keen swimmer you shouldn?t miss out on the chance of taking your snorkel and mask out, give your legs some exercise while get to feast your eyes on some very colourful fish. But if you like being in the water, but not so much to see strangely coloured fish, then you may benefit from the choice of watersports to do on Dubrovnik?s main beach.

    Both the above activities can take some energy, so afterwards laze on the beach, enjoy the scenery in front of you and catch a few rays. Dubrovnik?s beach isn?t very big, unlike some other European beaches, so lying down here with a book, discman or simply your thoughts can be extremely enjoyable.

    Possibly the most enjoyable activity in this medieval city is the walk around the city?s old walls. Opening at 9am daily, the best time to begin the moderate hike around them (the journey takes one hour circa) is about 30-45 minutes before sunset. That?s also why you?re better off leaving it to your second day ? you know what time sunset will be.

    No matter where you begin the walk (the best place to embark on it is from the gate close to Pile Gate), the number of lookouts is endless. Lokrum Island can be seen from any point, while at many points below you the buzzing streets within the walls make for a very pleasant spectacle. And for the ten minutes it takes the sun to sink below the horizon it will seem that nothing else in the world matters for those lost minutes.

    As beautiful as Dubrovnik is, when you get here it will give you the desire to see exactly what else this born-again country has to offer.